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Check our Fees page for special group rates and discounts for bringing a friend to class with you.

Scheduled Classes 
Below is a schedule of our upcoming classes and their location. Some classes fill up rapidly and class size is limited so prompt registration with paid deposit will secure a place for you. Please check back from time to time as new classes are always being added.

You can find additional detailed information on our course fees, deposit and easy online payment options, and our online course registration process below towards the middle of this page.

Clicking on any starting Date link below will produce a new pop-up window with the daily class schedule page for that specific course and a location map and/or driving instructions. Additional or special information, if any, pertaining to that course and location will also be posted to it's daily class schedule page.

Date Course Location Status
October 15, 2019 OUPV and Upgrades Buffalo NY Call For Availablity
October 19, 2019 OUPV and Upgrades Muskegon MI Open
October 26, 2019 OUPV and Upgrades Port Clinton OH Open
October 26, 2019 OUPV and Upgrades Syracuse NY Open
January 4, 2020 OUPV and Upgrades Erie PA Open
January 18, 2020 OUPV and Upgrades Rochester, NY Open
January 25, 2020 OUPV and Upgrades Port Clinton, OH Open
February 18, 2020 OUPV and Upgrades Bufflao, NY Open
February 22, 2020 OUPV and Upgrades Port Clinton, OH Open
Schedule last updated April 23, 2019
Key to Status:
  Open - Still accepting registrations for the class
  Sold Out - Class is FILLED
  In Progress - Class is being held
  Completed - Class has been held

Custom Class Locations 
Occasionally we receive inquiries regarding class locations other than those posted on our schedule above. If you or your organization would be interested in a more convenient class location, Sea Tech Marine Training may be able to meet your specific needs by holding classes in a location of your own choice.

Generally, due to travel costs and the expenses associated with obtaining the prerequisite approvals, a MINIMUM class size of six (6) enrolled students is required. All students must be pre-registered and pre-paid in full in advance. Other requirements may also apply depending upon the circumstances of the case.

Because of the lead times and the logistics involved in setting up a remote class location, please contact us as soon as possible to initiate a discussion on this option.

Sea Tech's Course Fees 
Our basic tuition for the OUPV is $695.00. This includes all required books, supplies, and course materials. A prepaid deposit of $100.00 (see below) is required in order to reserve a place in class.

Fees for RADAR Course New Item
The total cost for the one day (non-Buffalo locations) RADAR course is $90.00 which includes all course materials and a "Radar Trainer" provided on CDROM for home study. The total cost for this same course taught at the Buffalo location is $75.00.

Please refer to our Courses page for a detailed description of the training and material covered.

Deposit Requirement 
Class sizes are small and limited. Some classes fill up very quickly. To avoid disappointing students, a prepaid deposit is required.

If you are registering by U.S. Mail, you may include your check, in the amount of the deposit, together with your registration form when sending it in.

If you are registering with our On-Line Registration Form, we will contact you shortly after receiving your form to arrange for the payment of your deposit. You may also pay your tuition deposit on-line. See our On-Line Payment form for further details.

Upon receipt of your deposit, we will mail to you a confirmation letter confirming your registration and provide you with a map and/or directions to the location of the class.

If you need to cancel for any reason, your prepaid deposit will be refunded, in full, upon request, with a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours advance notice before the start date of your registered class.

Marine Radio Operator's Permit Course New Course Item
This short course will enable the mariner to apply and receive his Marine Radio License. This license is required for all those who serve as a Master aboard passenger boats over 6 passenger. The course includes instruction, the short exam, and the application, which we file on the mariner's behalf.

Please Note:
On-Line Registration is quick and easy. However, without receipt of your pre-paid deposit, your on-line registration can only be honored for two weeks from the date we receive it.
On-Line Registration 
If you have decided to register for a course, you may use our convenient On-Line Registration Form. This is the fastest and surest way to start your registration process and will help insure that you secure a place in the class and date of your choice. Save time, get started now by clicking on this link to our On-Line Registration Form .

On-Line Payment 

If you prefer, you may pay for either your tuition deposit or the full tuition with most major credit cards on-line through PayPal. On-line payment is quick, convenient, safe and secure.

For more information on our on-line payment options, please click here .

On-Line Forms 
For your convenience, we have posted a few essential US Coast Guard License application and other forms on-line for downloading. These forms can be found by clicking here . This page should open in a new window.

High Speed Launch
Photo Courtesy NOAA        
High Speed Launch NOAA 1255 on Lake Erie at 20 Knots

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