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Winter 2012 News Release

Hello Fellow Captains,

Hopefully all of you have received our quarterly e-mail. We will continue to do this to keep you informed of changes in the Coast Guard for both licensing and any other changes that may be of importance to you.


As we have been saying for some time, TWIC would be eventually be phased out for holders of lower level deck licenses.. Effective December 2011, TWIC is no longer required to be carried with you to validate your license.  Nor is TWIC required to renew your license. However, if you are a new applicant and have not obtained a TWIC, you will be required to go to a TSA office and apply for TWIC.  This is because the US Coast Guard does not currently have the means to obtain the biometrics required to verify your character.  Eventually they will probably secure a system that will allow them to secure fingerprints from you for this purpose.  So, there is no need to renew TWIC, nor do you need to carry a TWIC card with you when operating under the authority of your license.

First Aid/CPR

The First Aid and CPR courses have changed. Rescue Breaths are no longer part of the curriculum.  A number of changes have also been introduced to the First Aid courses.  The good news is, it is now a two year certification for CPR, instead of one year. We recommend to all that you update to the new program.  Remember, a deckhand or Captain must be current when you are operating under the authority of your license.

200 Ton License

At one time it appeared the 200 ton license category was to be eliminated, but that has been either delayed or dropped as  recommended change to licensing.  Sea Tech has submitted to the National Maritime Center a request to be approved to conduct 200 ton courses. This is a 24 hour course with no Rules, plotting, etc. It is relatively easy, but you need time on larger vessels to qualify.


Please remember, that when it comes time to renew, do not let your license expire., You have one year of grace to renew, but if you choose not to do so, at least renew for continuity, which is free and gives you a lifetime to renew at a later date.  Also, since the Coast Guard has moved the National Maritime  Center to Martinsburg, WV, they have become very efficient at renewing applications. There should no longer be the long wait you expected in past years. We have heard of applicants received their renewed credential in as little as two weeks.

Exam Changes

Effective March 2012, candidates for a license will have to undergo a 50 question Rules test instead of the 30 questions in the past. As we have always said, licensing never gets easier.

Sea Tech continues to participate  in all scheduled meetings with the National Maritime Center to keep all our future and past students better informed .If you have any questions, or concerns, please call us.

Captain Dennis Daniels

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