Summer 2010 News Release

Hello Fellow Captains,

Please find below some news and other information of interest to licensed mariners and those who have an interest in U.S.C.G. licensing issues.

We will try to update this news letter on a regular basis. The information is in brief point format as we try to keep you abreast of what you need to know.

For those who have been licensed for some time, are well aware that changes continue to occur with the National Maritime Center. Although many of the changes can be cumbersome, some are beneficial to the Mariner.

Framed License Certificates

At the recent meeting for Maritime Educators in Orlando, Florida, we were informed that it will once again be possible for licensed mariners to have a framed certificate to go with their passport type license.

This service will be available by visiting the National Maritime website at www.uscg.mil/nmc and following their directions. To print a nice document, you will need a good Laser printer and resume type paper.

Changes for 200 Ton License

It appears the 200 ton license will be removed from the tonnage categories granted by the NMC. Although it is still possible to obtain a a 200 ton license, eventually the category will be changed to 500 ton. This means that candidates for licenses over 100 ton will need to examine at a Regional Exam Center. Currently approved schools can conduct classes and examine candidates up to a maximum of 200 ton.

Problems with Application Paperwork

The National Maritime Center has become very concerned with omissions on application paperwork. It was once possible to leave such data as vessel depth blank, now a number must be inserted there when filling out the Sea Service Affidavit.

Changes to Renewal Process

One nice change to National Maritime policy pertains to those renewing ahead of time. It is now possible to submit your renewal application up to one year ahead of expiration and the NMC will renew your license on its expiration date. This means you will no longer lose that time if renewing early.

Remember, failing to document 360 days of sea time at renewal will require you to take the renewal exam. This is an open book test, but can be difficult. A grade of 90% is required.

Miscellaneous News

Although there have been some rumors as to the requirement for TWIC to be dropped for license holders at 100 ton and less, nothing concrete has occurred yet.

Always remember, licensing never gets easier. Do not let your license lapse. Renewing for continuity is now free. Don't let your credential expire. Forms are available on the NMC website that by simply completing them and sending them in, will give you an indefinite time frame to renew.

Please make a note of our NEW U.S. postal mailing address:

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Our Toll Free telephone number and email addresses all remain the same.

Anything Else?

Always feel free to call us (Toll Free at 1-877-883-9366) with any questions you may have regarding licenses, or send us an e-mail at:  

Best Wishes to all our friends, dedicated instructors and staff, and all our students and graduates. Thanks for your continued support.

Captain Dennis Daniels